The second best bl anime i had come across, this series is approximate 12 episodes, (and one ova)  each episode runs 30 mins and can be found subbed in english , the manga series is i believe only one volume, because this series has a plot and a climax and a ending, what i liked about this particular series is that is consist of alot of comic relief , its a suspense, and mystery along with a cute little love story, this is going to be a challenge to explain without being a spoiler. their are so many elements to explain but ill give this a shot,^_^
The main character sora ,took a nasty fall out of the 4th story of his boarding school, which happened prior to the story,and with this fall his lost some very KEY memories (that are uncovered  in the series ) the young man suano who is the second major character and soras roommate, claims to be soras best friend  (and acts as though he was more =^_^=, sora of course has no memory of this friendship, his memory comes back in faint flashes, and these memory’s lead him to believe he is some kind of powerfull hero, what they both aren’t aware of  is that deep back in their youth the two roommates developed split personalities, youru and ran, who are deeply in love, which leads to some humorous situations =]. even though this creeps out the two friends they begin to fall in love slowly , finding out some shocking memories of the past, and realizing they may be the worst of enemies.

some down falls of this series is, their are no female characters present except for one, but this kind of adds a played out scene, the all boys school cliche,  other than that everything is well. although many people dislike the plot line, because is seems , un real or outta this realm, i personally think that anime, is a place to use imagination, lots of anime consist of magic and weird stuff, so if you wouldn’t mind some things not making sense here but makes sense in the anime, than you should give it a shot. this series shounen -aI with once again very mild limited sexual content, its more than a love stroy is has a mystery and shock value, and a plot that in my opinion was not a fail like so many others, the art was done well ,as well XD

i would recommend this to anyone who wants some comedy love, and suspsense and shock on the side =] my rating 8/10


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jonjou romantica <3

I cannot stress enough how much i absolutely adore this anime series.there are up to this day 3.27.2011 only 2 seasons unfortunately of the anime version, their is a manga version which has i believe 14 volumes, but i am not sure, i dont enjoy

reading manga i am more of a watcher, the series is subbed in english for American streaming , (like most) . i would say this is shounen ai- . this series focuses on three story lines,(romantica,egoist and terriost)  they are all very good but the main story romantica, is what i am going to talk about because it compromises most of the series. The story line consist of two major characters, misaki  an average young teen (about 18 or 19) who’s life is changing after high school. He seems  socially displaced and unsure of life, he is in search of some extra help for his college  entrance exam, his brother introduces him to his friend  of several years, usami who is the second major character. usami is a well known novelist who also writes bl stories on the side , he is kind of a man child, he enjoys decorating his house in big teddy bears and over sized toys o.0. when usami comes onto misaki his world is turned upside down, and misaki cant understand why he is so mysteriously drawn to this man.

basically this show tends to be very addicting, i never expected it to turn out to be as great as it was i watched a whole 2 seasons in a matter of two days, the growth of the relationship between these two are long and drawn out , but their is ALOT of comic relief in this series, its a cute story and most bl fans rave over this series, imagery is beautiful, its fun to watch never a dull moment and the suspense of their un professed relationship just really keeps you wanting to figure out what is going to happen next,

i recommend this to anyone who is interested ina  romantic comedy with very limited sexual content =] you can check out season one with the link below

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What its about,

Let me take a minute to introduce myself, my name is kay and I am here to inform other yaoi and bl fans of updates and reviews of different bl, anime series that are available on the internet for no price. for those who aren’t aware of what exactly bl is , it is also referred to as yaoi it is a popular Japanese term for female oriented fictional media that are based on male relationships. although there are different extremities of this genre, people tend to categorize it all as yaoi, which is not correct at all. it can go from simple hand holding to extreme sex scenes, its really a wide variety of animes, and mangas so let me briefly give you a lesson in the terminonlogy’s

yaoi: is good for those who are looking to skip the mushy love elements and get down to the action this category of bl, is very explicit generally lacks a good story line, these series are in my opinion, just a hentai . not for those who want love elements and a sense of suspense.

shonen ai- Are for those who are looking for the cuter side of anime male relationships,these series tend to be more romantic and based on other aspects of the relationships than sexual, some series that are categorized as shonen aI only have homosexual undertones, and sometimes you wont even see a kiss but you can sense the attraction or love. in some series the attraction is one-sided and in others its never confessed by either characters.

shota-con: This particular category usually involves a young male and an adult male, most shota cons that I have come across the love or attraction is one-sided, these tend to be more tamed in terms of sexual content but I have also come across series that are very explicit.

that is basically the break down of boy love anime. and what im going to do is, provide some reviews and info on some of the series i have seen and do or do not recommend and update my fellow bl fans.

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